It's a LEGO lovers paradise at NewBo City Market for the Freedom Fest LEGO Extravaganza, and we've been having a blast. As a kid, I loved playing with LEGOs.  In fact, as my parents were cleaning out their house, they had a huge tub waiting for me with all my old bricks and instruction books.  It was like Christmas all over again.   As a proud father, I'm gladly passing my love for the plastic bricks on to the kids.  And I know their far from the only ones who love LEGOs.

It's been very busy here today, watching kids build to their hearts content at many various play tables, racing cars they are building, or checking out what you can do when the LEGOs are hooked up to a computer.  There's even some pages to color to design your own creations, as well as the entries in the build competition.  It's seriously a builder's paradise and every kid is loving it, young and old.  Just check out the photos.

The event continues till 6 tonight, and again from 10a-6p tomorrow.  Admission is free with your Freedom Fest button.