Today, NFL Network heads back to campus with Cedar Rapids native Kurt Warner and the University of Northern Iowa.

The show is called "Back 2 Campus" and features former NFL players as they look back on their college years and give advice to young players who hope to repeat their success. Today, the show features Kurt Warner. The series is full of surprises and details how life has changed for Kurt since his time at UNI, to bagging groceries, Arena Football, and eventually NFL super-stardom. Finally, it looks at what he's up to today. You can see a  preview here.

The segment of “Back 2 Campus” with Warner is scheduled to air today during an edition of “NFL Total Access Draft Preview”, which starts at 3 p.m.

In case you miss today's show, an encore presentation will run throughout the week on NFL Network. Also, look for the show on the Official NFL YouTube channel.

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[VIA UNI Panthers]