Let's face it, all the fun we have all summer makes it near impossible to get out of bed, for numerous reasons.

 As summer hits, we all tend to stay up just a little bit later, taking full advantage of the perfect weather and extended daylight. Seriously, it's just about 9 by the time it gets dark, you light up a fire pit, then look again, and it's almost midnight. Plus, the kids fight going to bed till at least 9 as "it's still daytime", so already "your time" starts later as is. And then, because it's been sooooo nice, you've probably been leaving the windows open all night and the A/C off, which means you're kinda frozen in the morning, especially how cool it's been this month overnight.

Point is, there's a million reasons you want to stay in bed when that alarm goes off.  We're all the same on that point. But the way we fight the alarm looks very different from guys to girls. Check the video below. (My wife says I'm more like the girl than the guy in this situation...)