A northeast Iowa zoo had been ordered by a federal judge to give up their endangered tigers and lemurs. The ruling was handed down yesterday to the Cricket Hollow Zoo just outside of Manchester. They will be required to transfer 3 lemurs and 4 tigers to another facility within 90 days due to unsanitary conditions and a lack of proper veterinary care at the zoo, both violations of the Endangered Species Act. The ruling does not affect the hundreds of other animals on the property that are not endangered.

It's a landmark decision partly because the lawsuit was filed by Iowa citizens. A group of people sued zoo owners Pam and Tom Sellner in 2014 after discovering the animals were living in dirty enclosures filled with dirty water, flies and feces. Thursday's decision is believed to be the first time a citizen-suit has won the removal of endangered species from a zoo.

The decision also prevents the Sellners from acquiring any other endangered animals until the prove they are able to properly care for them.

[via Des Moines Register]