There are underdeveloped countries all over the globe where people struggle daily with really serious problems. For the rest of us, we have some of those serious problems, but we also have a lot of problems that are totally ridiculous. Those problems are called 'first world problems'

'First world problems' are defined on Urban Dictionary as, "problems from living in a wealthy, industrialized nation that third-worlders would probably roll their eyes at." One of my biggest 'first world problems' is when I have to watch a 30 second advertisement on YouTube before my video. It drives me INSANE. Another one of mine is when I have a lot of chips, but not enough dip. It's so troubling.

The Daily Mail did a survey and compiled a list of 'first world problems.' Here are some of the most relateable ones:

  • When you run out of toilet paper while on the toilet.
  • When you can't find your keys
  • When you can't find a parking spot
  • When your phone dies while you're out
  • When you have to deal with automated customer service

When you think about it, none of these problems are actually serious in the grand scheme of life, but at the time they always seem like a huge deal. Do you have any 'first world problems?' We'd love for you to share!