There's one animal that'll be making headlines tomorrow before any puppy, kitten, bird, or horse takes the field or invades a commercial, and that's one special Philadelphia resident, good Ol' Punxsutawney Phil.  Yup, the world will be tuned into Gobbler's Knob to see if this Polar Vortex frigid air will stick around or finally go away.I've looked into the fun they have in Gobbler's Knob as they make quite the production.  In fact, some of what you saw in the classic Bill Murray movie, is pretty accurate to how things are handled there.


Problem is, after all this Pomp and Circumstance, how accurate is the little guy, as we're all dying to get some good Spring news.  Well... Groundhog's day has been celebrated since 1887 (fun fact to take to your football party).  And in that time, according to the Nation Climactic Data Center, our sacred groundhog has been correct... only 39% of the time. 39%!!! If it was like 5-10%, it'd be safe to say believe the opposite of what the over-sized rodent's shadow tells you.  However, at this percent, it more or less convinces we're nuts for thinking a groundhog is a better meteorologist than say... Tom Skilling.

And just in case you want a second or third groundhog opinion, you can always ask Stanten Island Chuck, or Sir Walter Wally.

By the way, as we're always confused too...  Shadow = more winter, No Shadow = Early Spring (if you choose to believe).