As we've said before, we have a real treasure in Playtime Poppy being a part of our community.  It's fantastic, magical, children's shows performed by our local High School Theater groups.  And the final show of the season might be one of the most unique shows yet.

As I kid, I always loved the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books.  Now imagine they took a book where you get to decide the story, and put it up on stage.  From the sounds of it, that's exactly what "Magical Mysteries and Monsters" will bring to the Washington High School stage.

As "Playtime Poppy" shows are always about audience interaction, this one takes it to the next level, as the audience gets to choose the plot, the monster sidekick, and the villain, as Samantha finds her way home from her great adventure.  It sure sounds like fun to me.  And the best part, with 6 shows over the 3 days, you can go see it multiple times, and see a slightly different production each time.  This is perfect if you still have some extra passes left on your Poppy punch card.  Plus the shows are only an hour, and very interactive, so your kids are bound to stay involved and interested.  What a big win!  As I parent, trust me, I know. My kids practically beg me to take them to all the Poppy shows.

So get it on your calendar for next Thursday through Saturday, April 23-25th.  And if you just can't wait, there's even a special sneak peek at the Cedar Rapids Downtown Public Library this Saturday, the 18th, from 10:30-11:30am.