After the floods, there was a lot of rebuilding in Cedar Rapids, especially in the F Ave bar district.  Now, almost 6 years later, the flood has claimed yet another victim.  A good friend of ours...  The Double Inn.We've been working the F Ave Pub Crawls since we first signed on as i107-1 in fall of 2011, and we always loved our stops at Double Inn.  Anyone who's been there knows either one, if not both, of the Mikes.  They are great guys who loved taking care of their customers.  In fact, as we wrapped up this last pub crawl in December, it was Mike Sr. who was our main point person, and I had no reason to believe this might be my last time working with his as part of the Double Inn.


Knew something was up when I drove by one weekend evening and there were no cars in the parking lot.  Rather unusual.  And the note on the door simply read, "Closed Temporarily for renovations."  Then I saw the official word that this was permanent on the news.  So we tried to call, and the number is disconnected.  And the facebook comments confirmed it.

If you never made it out there, you missed out.  It wasn't just another bar.  The food was great, the games were plentiful, and the atmosphere was friendly and welcoming. Seems everyone who went there, loved it.  Some even calling it one of CR's "Best Kept Secrets."

We know it was a big struggle for them to reopen after the flood, which buried them in 5.5 ft of water and shut them down for 6mo, but it was something they were committed to, for their customers.  And we thank them for that, and for the many memories over the year.  So to Mike and Mike, whatever the future has in store for you, best of luck.  And most importantly, Thanks!