How honest are you when it comes to your best friend? Turns out, some of us aren't as open as we probably should be.

According to a new survey, there are some things that people will keep from their closest buddies. Over half of people surveyed said they would tell a good friend if they have gained weight or if they have a weird hair style, but only 29% of us would tell them if their partner was cheating! Additionally, only 30% of us let our friends know if they've offended us.

This is kind of crazy to me, because I tell my best friend just about everything. Sometimes I shrug off any comments that offend me just to keep the peace, but never in a MILLION years would I hide that her man was cheating on her. What kind of friend would I be if I knew something serious like that and kept it a secret?!

Is there anything you would hide from your best friend? Or are you open and honest with them? Leave your comments below.

Via Daily Mail