When DJs talk about their job, there's one thing that becomes clear. Well, two things. First, we love music. Second, we suffer from Peter Pan syndrome, as none of us ever want to grow up. And with that, we figured it was the perfect time to launch a new video series: Adults Play Kids Games. (We use the term 'adults' very loosely).

For our first attempt, we saw that Saturday is National Cherry Pie Day. So the first game would be obvious. It's the one game everyone HAD to have this past holiday, that is STILL almost impossible to find on store shelves: "Pie Face". If you're unfamiliar, like one of our radio guys, it's a game where you turn a crank a certain amount of times and hope it doesn't release a handful of whipped cream into your face. We've been wanting this for a long time in the Carson household, so I was excited to try it out. Maybe a little over eager. No doubt, we all had fun, and highly recommend it.

And in celebration Cherry Pie Day, when you're watching the video, look and listen for a special key word.  When you have it, click here to enter to win $50 from Kathy's Pies to help you celebrate.

Oh, and if you see Pie Face in the store, grab it. You won't regret it, no matter your age. Also, subscribe to our Youtube channel so you don't miss the next episode of "Adults Play Kids Games".