The corner of Edgewood and E has seen quite a few changes in the past year or so.  The church on the corner changed its name. The Quiznos closed, and has now reopened as a tobacco and liquor store/ The street also got repaved.  But the intersection is about to change again as a couple building are about to be demolished, making way for Cedar Rapids 2nd Popeyes location.

I drive through this intersection almost daily as part of my commute. I often wondered what they were going to do with the old abandoned building which used to be a laundromat.  On the corner next to it was this little yellow house which I'd occasionally see a car or two at.  Over the winter, I remember seeing a older gentleman snowblowing out his parking area, and creating a path and clearning in the vacant laundromat's parking lot.  I remember thinking how nice it was for him to do that.

But recently, I noticed something was coming. There has been sings of life and inspections at the old laundromat.  Then a For Sale sign on the property was marked SOLD. Next thing I know, a tree behind the yellow house had fallen, and looked a wreck. I'm not sure how long it had been down.  I was thinking maybe the recent road construction and/or construction vehicles and equipments had something to do with it. I wondered when they were going to remove it.  My answer came a couple of days ago as I was surprised to find a postion of E Ave closed off, as demolition began on the old laundromat, the tree was removed, and it looked like the house was going next.  I'm not sure what happened to the man living there, though I'm hoping he got a good deal.

Then today, I noticed the sign. "Popeyes" coming soon.  I know what the Blairsferry Popeyes did to area traffic, and I shudder at the thought of what this will do, as the only entrance will be directly off E once the building opens, which is slated for late November.  Honestly, I'm not too excited.

Don't get me wrong... I enjoy my fried chicken.  But the location seems all wrong, especially as I hear there'll be a second retail or restaurant  on the same lot.  I just don't know how it'll all fit.  And to have the traffic coming off E, as opposed to being off Edgewood, I think it's a big mistake.  It also explains why the houses directly across the street have been for sale. To me, it seems taking over the old Quiznos location and re-doing that would have been fine. This location just concerns me.  I guess we'll wait and see.

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