If you ask anyone from the Chicago area of a must stop restaurant, many will shout Portillos with so much excitement, just the name makes them crave the product.  As the chain recently changed owners, many wondered if they'd start branching out beyond Chicago.  Now we're learning that answer is YES!

Word just dropped today that Portillos will open it's first Wisconsin store in 2016 in the Milwaukee suburbs. Granted, it's not Iowa, but it's also a franchise expansion, and is part of the continued expansion since Dick Portillo sold his namesake brand.  There's been quite a few new stores in this year alone.  And Wisconsin would actually be the 5th state they've expanded to.  Thanks to some actors with Chicago roots, Portillos entered California back in 2005 and again in 2008, finally in Indiana in 2006, then on to Arizona with 2 locations in 2013.  In fact, at the opening of the first location in Scottsdale, the line at the Grand Opening exceeded 500. Yes, it's that good if you haven't had it.

What is Portillos? Only the best Italian beef, italian sausage, hot dogs, cheese fries, and milk shakes you've ever tasted. Yes, I'm hugely partial, and there's a ton more on the menu (chocolate cake and tiramisu for dessert, salads...), but the food is sooo good.  In fact, if you're heading east, make it a point to stop at one.  Closest to us is Rockford.  Until then, we can only hope Iowa will be on the 2016 agenda.  We're feeling optimistic.

Wisconsinites, rejoice: a Portillo's is planned to open in 2016. Register now to receive an exclusive invitation to attend pre-opening events. Spread the word!

Posted by Portillo's on Wednesday, October 7, 2015