The big basketball tournament has wrapped up, but another tournament continues, with 3 matches left. And this one has scholarship money on the line for four area high school students, with the chance for an area High School to win some money too.

The Collins Community Credit Union Scholarship Scramble continues in just a couple weeks, on Saturday April 25th.  But before we get there, I'm still trying to recover from the excitement of the last round on March 28th.


In all the years we've been doing this, only on rare occasions does it come down to a tie breaker, but that night it did.  As the competition works, there's 5 points on the field.  The first 2, the closest, are each worth 1, the next 2, a bit further back, are worth 2 each, and the final target, at midfield, is worth 3 points. But if there's a tie, the person who complete the route the fastest wins.  That night it was Clayton from Center Point-Urbana taking on Keenan from Cedar Valley Christan. Both competitors were quarterbacks, which has been a welcomed rarity this season, as it's certainly not a requirement.  I had a feeling it would come down to the time tie, and sure enough it did.  After a 6 all tie, it came down to the clock, where Clayton pulled out the win being just 2 seconds faster.

So we are now set for the next round.  Each of the 4 competitors has already won an autographed Cedar Rapids Titans ball. And the next two winners will be guaranteed some kind of Scholarship money, as there's a prize for first and second.  So there's a lot riding on these face offs.

The first semi-final match will be April 25th, featuring Washington's Noah vs. Solon's Preston.  Washington has never won the Scramble before, in fact this is the furthest they've made it.  Solon won in a previous season, but that was of course with a different competitor.  Preston is not a football player, but don't count him out.  While Noah has had the highest score this season so far (7 points), Preston was close behind at 6, and did hit the 3pt target. And this might come down to speed, as both competitors showed very quick times, with Preston being just a second faster in his round, at 28 seconds.

The next match will be May 9th, featuring Prairie's David vs, Center Point-Urbana's Clayton.  Prairie is last years champ, and looks to defend, although again with a different representative.  Meanwhile, CPU has been a very active supporter of the competition since the first season, but has never been able to edge out the win.  This could be the year, as both competitors are evenly matched.  Both had 6 points in their wins, and Clayton was just 2 seconds faster with 31 second in his win, as David finished in 33 seconds.  This one might be another tie-breaker.

So we guarantee you'll want to catch these face-offs, and support these students and their schools.  Face-offs are at halftime of the Cedar Rapids Titans games, and tickets for both the April and May dates, as well as the June 13th final are still available. We'll see you there!