Less than a week ago, his plane made an emergency stop in the Quad Cities so Prince could receive medical care. Today, the shocking news of his death. But did Prince know he was in his final days?

Bruce Carter, aviation director of the Quad City International Airport, told the Quad-City Times a plane bound for Minneapolis called the airport at 1:30 last Friday morning for an unresponsive person on board. An ambulance picked the person up and took them to an area hospital. No one involved would confirm it was Prince, at that time.

TMZ would later say a Prince representative told them that the superstar had been battling the flu. After performing in Atlanta Thursday night, Prince began to feel worse and that the plane did, indeed, land in Moline. The rep reportedly said the plane was back in the air, with Prince on board, in about three hours.

The very next night, the star appeared on his Paisley Park property during a dance party which was announced on social media that afternoon:

During the dance party, Prince did not perform. However, he did appear on stage and according to The Boombox, told the crowd: “Wait a few days before you waste any prayers.” Prince also told those in attendance, "I have to leave it in the case or I’ll be tempted to play it. I can’t play the guitar at all these days so I can keep my mind on this [the solo piano] and get better.”

One other item of note. No photos were allowed at the event, though one fan did get the picture below.

I believe Prince knew he was dying. However, this private man didn't want to accept pity. Now, the world is simply left to mourn a musical genius that fans of any type of music could, and did, appreciate.

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