The dress/suit, make-up, getting your hair/nails done, shoes, dinner, the ticket, the limo... Prom can get REALLY pricey REALLY fast. But, just how much does the average prom cost for one person?

The answer is $919. That's right... NINE-HUNDRED AND NINETEEN DOLLARS. THAT IS INSANE. The reason the average cost has gone up so much is because of those really popular, over-the-top prom proposals. Those add an average of $324, which is about 1/3 of the cost!

I was thinking about the cost of my prom, and I did not spend NEARLY that much. My dress was about $275 and that was the most expensive part! I wore shoes I already owned and did my own hair to save myself a little bit of money, plus a bunch of us split the cost of a party bus. We didn't have any of those crazy "prom-posals." I basically just asked my graduated boyfriend if he wanted to go with me and he said yes.

Parents, how much do you plan on spending for your child to go to prom? Share your answer below.

Via PR Newswire