Here is some great info to help you protect your Pipes from Freezing! Courtesy of the Cedar Rapids Water Division.  Bitter cold on the way!


Paul Tessier/Getty Images


Protect your Pipes!

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – January 2, 2014 – Winter temperatures are here and the Cedar Rapids Water Division would like to remind residents to protect their water meter and pipes from the frigid temperatures.  Sudden plunges in temperatures can cause unprotected pipes and meters to freeze and break.  Even when protected by an interior heating source, meters and pipes may freeze if exposed to a cold draft of air.  Installing some low cost insulation now, can save hundreds of dollars and a few headaches by preventing damage to your meter and pipes.


Residents are advised to:

  • Insulate water meters and water pipes that may be vulnerable to cold air drafts.
  • Use insulating wrap that contains fiberglass or other known insulating materials.
  • Ensure the basement or room containing the meter/pipes is secure from cold drafts from outside.  Meters and pipes near basement windows are particularly susceptible to freezing.


It is worth taking precautions because a frozen/broken water meter will cost the customer over $100 to replace.


If your pipes do freeze, do not use an open flame to thaw the pipes! Rags soaked in hot water can thaw the frozen area, or a hair dryer can be effective, too.  Do not use heat tapes or a space heater, because they may cause a fire.  When in doubt, you may contact a licensed plumber to assist you with any pipe damage or thawing your frozen pipes.


Residents should call the Cedar Rapids Water Division at 286-5900 if their water meter freezes or breaks.  If your water meter freezes, your water service will be interrupted until the meter can be replaced.