For whatever reason, it's seems like more people than ever are getting on the Puppy Bowl bandwagon.  Maybe it's cause there's not a ton of appeal for the Seattle "Birds" game against the Denver "Horses" in a snowy stadium.  Or maybe it's cause puppies are just so darn cute!First off, did you know 2 of the pups that'll be featured are from Eastern Iowa?  They are Suri (the husky) and Cici, the Shepherd mix.  Suri is in the "Starting Line-up", and apparently a Miley Cyrus fan, while CiCi is a "Back-up Pup" who loves tacos. Both of these "celeb athletes" were recently available for adoption from Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids, but have both found homes.  Last Hope will be part of a viewing party of the bowl at Shueys in Shueyville tomorrow, and will bring Suri and Cici along for the special meet and greet.

Stephen Colbert also got in on the Puppy Bowl action on his show the other night. (Apparently the only athletic event he's good at.)  He's the man responsible for getting the puppies fired up.  Gotta see his awesome halftime pep talk!  That man knows how to motivate dogs, especially when using the line:

“We’re not here to sniff butt, we’re here to kick butt.”


(If you just care about the puppies, skip to the last 2 minutes.)

The Colbert Report
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Finally, there's a great article that gives awesome insight to the history of the puppy bowl, and it's rise to fame, and it comes from none other than Rolling Stone Magazine!  See the article here.

If a major music magazine and major television star comic are covering the event, you know puppy fever is in full effect.  The event starts at 2p CST on Animal Planet, and will repeat twice after it wraps up!  Will you catch it?