Growing up, we all have our dreams of what we want to do with our lives.  And then, for some reason or another, many times we end up settling for something else. But there's always the "What if?", which is exactly what happened to one loyal listener who never gave up on her dream.Kylie Queen grew up listening to one of our sister stations, WJBQ, in Portland, Maine.  She remembers "frantically dialing in to win CDs and concert tickets, laughing with Meredith, Jeff, and Lori, and singing along to the music."  It's a radio story so many of us have.  She never thought one day she'd be working for that station she passionately loved. Yet, that's exactly what happened... a real dream come true, and an inspiration to never give up on your dreams.

While maybe not as emotional, I can relate to Kylie.  I got the chance to work as an intern for the station I grew up listening to, WKQX is Chicago (Q101).  It was almost a fantasy turned reality to walk through the doors daily and meet those I'd been listening to for years, and witness the magic they created every day.  But I knew it was only temporary. I still had to finish college, and thus that dream would end.

Chris Carson

Post graduation, it wasn't easy to land my first gig.  In fact, it took over 3 years at least until radio finally "came calling", and I finally landed my first gig.  It was mornings in Cape Girardeau, MO on a true Soft Rock station of the mid 2000's, featuring Celine, Enya, and Michael Bolton.  We also were just about to have our first child. I tell you this because here I am, a 90's alternative rock guy, about to be a new dad, in his mid 20's, who loves the night life and hated waking up for a retail 9-5 job, about to do mornings on a station known for soft (dare I say 'sleepy') music, and having to be at work before 5am.  I was also taking a HUGE paycut.  My friends thought I was nuts, as this by no means seemed like a "dream job".  But to me, it was exactly that... a Dream Come True! I finally got my radio job.  I still can't believe how easily I bounced out of bed and into work without complaint. Even after my daughter was born, and the near sleepless nights, and living on almost 4 hours sleep year after year... and I loved it, and still do.

I thank Kylie for helping me reminisce on what I love about living this "dream job". Maybe it'll inspire you to never give up on your dreams, unless you're already living it.  If that's the case, feel free to share your story below or email it to  I'd love to hear it.