Ahead of the game, Raygun retailer in Cedar Rapids began designing light-hearted flood-themed t-shirts a month before the river crested. Mike Draper and his team have made eight designs so far including "Peace. Love. Sandbags." and "Cedar Rapids: May Be Snorkel Weather." Draper and company have sold more than 130 shirts thus far at the stores four locations. In addition to donating 50% of the profit from the shirts, Draper is hoping employees will reinvest some of this money into Newbo businesses. They are planning to send money to foundations that donated sandbags as well. Have you seen these shirts out and about yet?

"From being a local business we are all about supporting other local businesses,It's one of our values to give back to our community."-Thomas Somphanthabansauk, Cedar Rapid's store manager.


[Via KCRG]