At one point, showcasing your daddy duties while being a rapper seemed to be the most uncool thing on the planet. Boy, how times have changed. It's a beautiful thing to see that now-a-days rappers are spending an abundance of QT with their little ones and flaunting their daddy duties for the world to see.

When one lives life in the public eye like most rappers do, more often than not their kids become miniature celebrities too. Ice Cube's son, primarily popular for being the offspring of one of the forefathers of West Coast hip-hop, has gone on to carve out a  career of his own with his dad as his wing man. Since debuting his acting career in Straight Outta Compton, Cube and his son O'shea are spending so much QT, it's obvious that the rapper is molding the heir to the empire right in front of our faces.

Other rappers who are just starting out where Ice Cube began 25 years ago, are new to the dad thing but seem to be just as intrigued. Kid Ink and Dave East are the newest of the bunch. The Cali rapper's daughter was born in February while the Harlem MC welcomed his little girl two weeks ago.

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