Can't wait for Saturday!  It marks the beginning of this season's i107-1/Collins Community Credit Union Scholarship Scramble.  In it's third year, it's got to be one of our favorite things we do, giving us a chance to celebrate you, and give back!If you haven't caught one of these yet, you might want to get out to a Titans game and do so.  Not only do you get the thrill of Arena Football, but we also give you quite the show at halftime.  This week is Kennedy vs. Springville, who will be represented by Sam Scriver in his 3rd and final year of the challenge.  He's made it to the finals each of the two seasons we've done it, but fallen just short.  We'll see how he does in this new venue!

What's awesome about the event is how the crowd gets into it, and really cheers on these contestants.  So many of em remark to me post event just how sweet it feels to have such a huge crowd of strangers cheering for you.

The best part, is it gives the chance for these students to really show their school pride, as the winner not only get $500 for themselves, but also $250 for their school, which went to Solon last year!

We're so glad to have Collins Community Credit Union be our sponsor again this year, with the support of the Titans and Kathy's Pies!  By the way, we'll be throwing out some CCCU swag during halftime, and if you're lucky enough to sit near either contestant, they might be nice enough to share their Kathy's Pies cupcakes with you, so you win too, right? Plus, it's $2 soda, popcorn, and beer at the game, so money wise, you can't go wrong.

Look forward to seeing you at the Cell Center for the Titans Game/Scholarship Scramble at some point this season, if not Saturday!