After another amazing and intense Collins Community Credit Union Scholarship Scramble faceoff Friday night between Amy O. of Xavier and Dereck F. of Prairie, we now know who will be facing off in the June 14th Finals! We've been going through this competition for weeks, with competitors from Kennedy, Washington, Linn-Mar, Springville, and Central City, as well as these two representing Prairie and Xavier.  With a win May 3rd, Springville's Sam S. already is in the finals.  But we now know he will be facing off against....

Dereck of Prairie.

It was an intense battle.  Amy, a Xavier Soph. and golf team member, went first.  She missed the very first toss, but then nailed ever other shot, included the midfield toss, and raced across the line with 8pts of the 9pts in 33.72 seconds.  Dereck, a Soph. from Prairie, knew it would we tough to beat it, and knew he'd have to hustle, meaning no time to watch to see if his tosses scored or not.  It was a scramble, as he once again had a perfect outing, hitting all 5 targets, and crossed the finish line in a time of 28.41 seconds.  Doesn't get much better than this!

With both contenders perfect in every outing so far, will it come down to a battle of speed?  Will experience win out with 3rd time finalist Sam of Springville finally taking home the top prize?  Or will it be the newcomer, non QB Dereck of Prairie, to score with beginners luck?   No doubt it'll be exciting, as the targets are set deeper down the field. Get your tickets now to join us at the Cedar Rapids Titans final regular season home game June 14th for the Scholarship Scramble finals,  to see who takes home the $500 scholarship and $250 for their school courtesy of Collins Community Credit Union.