Have you ever thought to yourself "this is why we can't have nice things"? It can certainly shake your faith in your fellow man when you hear about scum sucking scammers at work trying to take advantage of the unfortunate at a time like this.

The Cedar Rapids Police Department has already received reports of some potential scams that are being perpetrated on citizens in the flood evacuation zone.

The two scams that they have been advised of are:

1) Residents are being told not to secure their property. This is not true. We are advising people secure their property; City assessment teams will not force entry into any home.

2) Residents are receiving telephone calls and being offered a free hotel room and asked to provide a credit card to reserve the room. This is a scam. Never provide financial information over the telephone or in person to an unsolicited offer.

With such a great outpouring of support of neighbors helping neighbors, schoochildren and volunteers from throughout the region sandbagging and helping get homes and businesses prepeared, constructions companies and businesses have volunteered equipment and supplies - let's not let a few individuals who are trying to take advantage of others during an emergency get any satisfaction

[source: Cedar Rapids Police Dept.]