It's taken me awhile to warm up to selfies. I don't mind taking one occasionally with my wife or the kids. Courtlin and I have been known to take one while out at a remote or a concert. But selfies are becoming dangerous. Correction. Selfies are becoming deadly! The constant need to one up each other on the coolest shot we can get is putting people in danger. More people have died this year in selfie accidents than have been killed by sharks. Cue the 'Jaws' music. The trend is getting out of control, and some cities and destinations are finally taking action.

In August of this year a man was gored to death by bulls in Spain. He was trying to take a selfie. Not the thing to do while running with large, pissed off animals. Officials at Yellowstone National Park have reported several people being injured by bison after getting to close trying to take a selfie. They've reported people trying to get up close to BEARS for a cute shot! Disney banned selfie sticks at their parks this year. The state of New York has passed laws dealing with selfies with wild animals like tigers. Yes, the law specifically mentions tigers which means someone tried a tiger selfie and things didn't work out.

This is one of the sides of social media that really bothers me. We're all out trying to get a better picture, selfie or status than somebody else. It seems to be our only goal. Not to live a good life, but to make people THINK that the life your living is better than theirs. What are you willing to sacrifice?