No one like being put on hold.  We're all way too busy for that.  Seriously, how many times have you simply hung up after being put on hold?  And if you've ever had a conference call, being on hold for the leader is no different.  There's now a way to make that hold at least a little more entertaining.

Came across this on Buzzfeed the other day.  And the biggest reason I clicked on it, was something seemed a bit familiar.  A few months ago, I was to be on a conference call with a group of people I've never been on a conference call with before.  I dialed in, and got ready to be bored with lame elevator music.  And then... this started playing, and I couldn't stop laughing.  How AWESOME that someone had the idea to create a song like this.  Even better now that Postmodern Jukebox has done it with 10 different styles.

Now we just need them to customize it for every type of phone hold situation.  Of course if that happens, the novelty will be lost, and we'll hate this, and start begging for the old stuff back.