Theo Wargo, Getty Images

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue doesn't hit stands until the 9th, but it already has everyone talking.

This year's issue will feature the first EVER "plus-sized" model in the magazine... but not FOR the magazine. She's actually in an ad for an online swimsuit retailer for curvy women. Her name is Ashley Graham, she's a size 16, and she's absolutely STUNNING. Check out pictures HERE.

But, Sports Illustrated just revealed that they will also have another "plus-sized" model featured in the magazine that's NOT in an advertisement. Her name is Robyn Lawley, and she's a size 10. She is also drop-dead gorgeous... but she looks to be pretty average size-wise. She looks curvy and very fit, with a flat stomach. My question is, why are we referring to her as "plus-sized?" Because she's not a size 2? What are we telling girls about what a "normal" size is? How skinny will girls think they need to be to be considered average? Just food for thought.

See her photos HERE.

I think we, as a society, need to stop using the term "plus-sized model." Women are all shapes and sizes, so why are we labeling? Let's call them all what they are: Models. Both of these women look better than I will ever look in my life, no matter what you want to call them!