If your Monday Moanin' has you dragging yourself into the shower like a prisoner walking to the gallows, then you may just appreciate this little pick-me-up. Can you think of a better way to start the week than with a little eye candy for the single ladies? Here are Ten Hot Iowa Guys to get your blood pumping as you head back to the grind.

#10. It Gets Better: the shirt as an opening statement says a lot. You have to appreciate a man with confidence.

#9. Now you're going places: "this is more like it", I hear you saying.

#8. There's just something about a big, strong guy holding a baby...

#7. If the smile is genuine, then chances are so is the guy!

#6. Another handsome young man...being held by another hot guy!

#5. Clean cut and smelling fresh. Good grooming is a must!

#4. What it takes: Ambition, determination, vision. Keep your eyes on the prize.

#3. There's a place in our heart for all those Hawkeye fans.

#2. Because every girl is crazy for a sharp dressed man.

#1. And I bet you saw this one coming...

So there you have ten cute, cuddly, handsome and hunky Iowa guys to provide a little Monday morning distraction as you slave away at the old 9 to 5.

You're welcome!