SNL tonight had the chance to be one of the best ever with the pairing of Timberlake/Fallon.  So was it?  Well, it did leave us wanting more, and had plenty of sweet moments, surprise guests, and unscripted laughs. But overall? Let's revisit. 

So last week, I threw that top 10 JT/Fallon moments up here, and mentioned a couple repeats we were hoping to see.  Happy to say, many were covered.  The show Like the opening sketch: "Wrappingville".  Spot on, and perfect set-up for the rest of the show.  Kinda paid tribute to the "History of Rap" sketches from Late Night. All I can say is, "Sacked Deck".

The monologue wasn't too bad.  Love Sir Paul Mccartney showing up (though we were hoping Justin would've made an appearance).  Anyone else think it would've been fun for them to take the Chipmunk Christmas tune longer? And how awesome for Jimmy to perform with Sir Paul.


Celebrity Family Feud reminded us why Jimmy is so awesome. Maybe more so than any other SNL actor, he breaks character so easily getting lost in laughter.  Course having your buddy Justin impersonate you makes it a bit easier to lose it.  Seriously, how cool would it be to hang with these two?


You knew they'd have to do the Barry Gibbs Show.  Having Madonna and the real Barry Gibbs show up was cool and all, but they made no homage to the fact that Robin has passed away in real life.  They kinda missed the boat on that one, ya think?


After Waking up with Kimye was a hit a couple weeks ago with Gaga, its apparently becoming a staple, but I can see it getting old, quick.


The "Now Christmas" sketch was funny at points, with some spot on imitations (Buble, Billy Joe Armstrong, and was that Fallon as Pitbull?!?!) Problem is, has SNL run out of ideas?  It followed Kimye with the same exact feel of the Bad covers sketch that followed Kimye during the Gaga episode


Justin has two solid performances, solidifying his talent and diversity.  While neither song blew me away, his talent always does. Laser show on the first track was pretty sweet.

All in all, first half was good, but we wanted more.  Just seemed to end too soon.  While I get that they probably couldn't take a trip back to camp (as that was a Late Show sketch), I was hoping for a revisit to classic Fallon "Z105", though that's the radio guy in me talking.  Overall, definitely pleased.  So please schedule another pairing of the two next season...

What'd you think?  Favorite sketch?