The blizzard is coming. The blizzard is coming. Stock you shelves. Order your take-out food. Buy your Coke and Pepsi. Charge your devices. It's on it's way! BE PREPARED! DO IT RIGHT NOW!

So Frankie is just a little overly aggressive in his report, but the concerns are valid. If the current level of "panic" that seems to be trending is to be believed, we could see over a foot of snow dropped on us. The larger concern is the blowing, drifting snow with potential white-out conditions, producing "massive" snow drifts, especially here in Cedar Rapids (or Cahdur Rapids as pronounced in the video above).  Local meteorologist Terry Swails confirms that something is definitely on its way, but it's still too early to tell how much, or how bad it will be in our location.  However, it's very likely many parts of the state will be impacted by pretty severe conditions.  But again, it's just a bit too early just yet.

No matter how panicked Frankie might sound, a lot of what he stresses is true. It's always best to be prepared for anything, so yes, make sure you have your flashlights, batteries, crank radios, and water stocked up, in case we lose power. And always be smart when driving. It's all stuff we know, as we're Midwesterners, and this is really nothing new. However, it's always good to get a little reminder, even if it's by way of a state of panic call. Stay warm. Be safe.  Thank you Frankie.