There's no question one of the greatest allures of garage sales is the unknown. What treasures could be out there, that I can land at a great price? Here's some of the most incredible finds of all-time:

  • $5 for five paintings at a Las Vegas garage sale. When reframing them, he found a sketch believed to be done by Andy Warhol when he was only 10. The value? $2 million
  • $45 for two boxes of glass plates of Yosemite National Park. They actually turned out to be negatives from photographer Ansel Adams. They're valued at $200 million.
  • $5 for a stock certificate from Palmer Oil Company. The company was a predecessor to Coca-Cola. The certificate's value is $130 million.
  • $160 for a chest being used as a television stand. Turns out it was a seventeenth-century Japanese lacquer box that would sell at auction for $9.5 million.
  • $3 for a Chinese bowl. The bowl was 1,000 years old, worth $2.2 million.
  •  $4 for a folded print of the Declaration of Independence. After being encouraged to get it appraised, the buyer was told it was only one of 500 official copies of the Declaration's first printing. Only 23 of them were known to still survive. It's Sotheby's selling price was $2.42 million.
Will you find your own treasure at our World's Largest Garage Sale, May 9th in the Hawkeye Downs Expo Center? There's only one way to find out... we'll see you there!

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