Yes, it's still February. But, given the mild winter we've enjoyed in Iowa, many of us have our minds on spring! Just look outside. The snow is gone! Spring must be close! For those of you who've lived in Iowa all your life, you know that can change quickly. But spring is on the way, and when it hits, the forecast looks good!

If you want to thank someone for our mild winter, you can thank El Nino. That weather pattern is still there and will affect the spring season as well. According to the latest forecast maps from the National Weather Service, El Nino will keep it warm this spring in Iowa and throughout the upper Midwest.


The other big worry when spring hits is flooding. The forecast for local rivers in eastern Iowa also looks pretty good as we are about to enter March. The recent warmup has helped start the thawing process, and has gotten rid of a lot of the snow and ice. You can check out the flood forecast for your area HERE.


[via National Weather Service]