If you drive on one of Iowa's highways or interstates every day to work you already know that some people are driving way too fast. The Iowa State Patrol can confirm this. They posted a couple of pictures on their Facebook page of radar gun readings from Iowa drivers.


98 and 110 miles per hour will get you pulled over pretty quickly. And those type of speeds are not uncommon on Iowa roadways. Since January, the Iowa State Patrol has written 3600 tickets, or more than 14 per day, for drivers traveling over 21 miles per hour over the speed limit. On most interstates in Iowa, that would be traveling faster than 91 miles per hour. On two lane roads that would be in excess of 76 miles per hour.

One state patrol officer said that the biggest thing drivers are lacking today is accountability. He said that people say that they're in a hurry and are late for work. Instead of risking lives and speeding, drivers should be planning ahead and slowing down!


[via Des Moines Register]