If you're like me, winter came too soon, and your yard is still covered with leaves.  Thankfully we got a dose of great news today from the Cedar Rapids Solid Waste & Recycling Division: the Leaf Vaccum Trucks will be coming back this month.

According to the press release, trucks will start making their rounds this upcoming Monday, April 6th, and continue running through May 1st.  Unless the trucks get slowed by volume or weather, you can expect to see them the same day your trash is collected.  If they do fall behind, they hope to come the next day.  The biggest thing they ask is to make sure the pile is clear of sticks, branches, and twigs.  Those can go in the green yardy bins.  Also be mindful to keep any trash out of the piles as well.

Some other things to keep in mind:

  • Residents should place leaves in long rows on the grass or parking area beside the street
  • Leaves must be kept out of the street and away from obstacles like mailboxes, sign poles and trees.
  • The vacuum truck will not collect leaves from alleys.
  • Please do not park cars in front of leaf piles.

[Courtesy of City of Cedar Rapids]