Happy Earth Day!  We've just received some great news today regarding all of our upcoming events that appropriately fits what we're all celebrating today: Taking care of our earth. As we plan for the many events we have coming up this summer, including the Insane Inflatable 5k presented by GoDaddy, World's Largest Garage Sale, and the Thomas Dostal Developers Freedom Fest Concert (among others still to be named...), one of the concerns is the waste generated.  We've all been there, as you go to toss something, wondering if there's a recycling bin for the item.  It just hurts a bit when you throw something away that you know can be recycled.  I know in our house, we take huge strides to make sure we recycle just about everything we can.  It kills me when I have to throw away a soda can or plastic bottle because there's no where else to put it.

That won't be a problem this summer at our events.  We are very excited to announce that we have added Solid Waste Agency of Linn County as our Official Recycling Partner. They will provide containers and disposal for each event for the remainder of the year. Great news.

We all leave a footprint.  Whatever little things each of us can do to make that smaller DOES matter.  Think green, recycle, and celebrate the Earth.