Though it sounds like a failed Marvel Netflix series, Super Lice is a drug resistant breed that is found in 43 states -- Iowa being one of them. Cedar Rapids Community School District says they've seen lice in the classroom every year and even seen the drug resistant versions before. Lice is not seen as a major health concern; more like annoying little buddies on your head, clasping on to your skin to eat tiny amounts of blood and lay eggs.

“They are given the option, some parents choose to pick them up and take them home to treat them, and some we say they don’t need to go home, but treat them when they go home, we have protocol in procedure for it, so the parent gets a copy of that, so they know what the treatment protocol is and then we send a letter home to the classroom to notify parents there is a case of head lice in your child’s classroom, please check your child’s head.”- Sandy Byard, CRCSD Health Facilitator


The two week protocol provided should be enough to get rid of the little guys, even when drug resistant so it is not a necessity to miss school any longer.

“It isn’t a health concern, and it’s unnecessarily making kids miss a lot of instruction. We encourage parents to bring their kids to school. Lice don’t have wings, they can’t jump, and they don’t fly. It’s really that head to head contact,” Sandy Byard told KCRG.

To learn more about super lice visit this website. 

[via KCRG]