McGrath Music On The River

We Ran, We Raved, We Raised A Bunch of Money! [VIDEO]
We can't believe it's been well over a week since the 5k Rave Run went down.  Thanks to all those who joined us for this one last summer celebration, raising money for the Cedar Rapids Parks and Rec Youth Scholarship Program.  We could tell you had a ton of fun, and all for a gre…
5k Rave Run Weather Forecast
The skies over Cedar Rapids are gloomy this morning and we are expecting scattered showers throughout the day. This should all clear up in time for the 5k Rave Run tonight at the McGrath Amphitheater.
What To Bring & Not Bring To The 5k Rave Run
Some of you Rave Runners may be new to this 5k race, so we put together a list of the things you might want to bring. Even if you're an experienced runner, this list includes some recommendations to make your Rave Run race experience the best that it can be, and the most fun 5k that you'll…

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