Taylor Swift has had her fair share of romances in the past.  Many of those guys have become the subjects for her songs.  However, her latest "guy" will probably be spared that grief, as it's definitely more of a "Bro-mance" than romance.  And it's not Ed Sheeran. Taylor's new BFF seems to be Jimmy Fallon.  We're not exactly sure when this started, but since at least the SNL40 special, it's going stronger than ever.  (And seriously, who wouldn't want to be friends with either of these two?)

Did you know they used to be famous Jumbotron dancers?  Okay, so maybe it's just another hysterical sketch on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.  But it's totally worth watching over and over again.

As Taylor appeared on the show last night, Jimmy also challenged her to the best friend test.

“There’s like a best friend test, where you guys get two blank pieces of paper and you draw each other,” Fallon said. “You have 20 seconds and you’re not allowed to look down.” The better the two performers were able to draw each other, the stronger the bond of their friendship.


In all the fun though, they missed discussing one important moment from the past week, that Taylor had no problem sharing on her Facebook page.  How cool for her to be honored by Jimmy and "that Paul McCartney guy", assisting her on one of her biggest singles.  Plus, Taylor sporting a guitar?  She really does rock, no matter what the haters think.