Yup, somewhere deep down, I am a #Swiftie.  Yes, I openly admit I am a Taylor Swift fan.  Now That I got that off my chest, today was a big one for Swifties like me, as we got some big news about her new single and album!

Unless you've been completely in the dark about T-Swizzle, you knew she had a live chat today on Yahoo.  We all pretty much knew she'd be announcing new music, and possibly tour info, and she delivered on the first of those.


We now know the new album will be called 1989, marking the year she was born.  She also says with this album, she wanted to do something completely new, noting that she puts out a new album every 2 years, as your life changes a lot in about 2 years.  So this will be her first official POP album, (to be honest I thought "Red" was officially pop...) inspired by late 80's pop, which she calls a time of "limitless potential", where artists were "bold" and "taking chances".    Album will be coming out October 27th, and can be pre-ordered now at her website.  There'll also be a deluxe version with some extra tracks.  She claims those are just voice memos from her phone, which might make me pass on that...


She also revealed the album cover, which is a Polaroid, taking care of that "retro" theme.  However, each album will also have 13 pictures in it, and that there'll be a couple different sets out there.  In other words, the true die hard Swifties (not me in this case), will need to buy mutliple copies of the album to "collect them all".  Taylor Swift: Always the marketing genius!

She debuted the first single AND video as well for the new song, "Shake it Off".  Take a watch and listen and you'll find it's typical Taylor biographical fun, and definitely pop. So although it's new, she hasn't lost what has made her successful = straightforward story telling/self reflection.

So yes, we're excited for the album, and no doubt the impressive tour that will follow.  She will have a "Swift-stakes" coming up with 1,989 winners (see what she did there) of meet/greets, concert tickets, etc, and all the details can easily be found at TaylorSwift.com.

Excited? Surprised?  Share your thoughts below.