OK, you'll never serve time for committing these crimes. Chances are you've broken some of these laws already. Most people have, and most people have NO problem admitting it! So here we go...check them off as we go. The 10 minor crimes you're most likely to commit.

  • Buying something, wearing it once, and returning it.
  • Taking a sick day when you're not sick.
  • Illegally downloading music and movies.
  • Getting too much change back, and keeping it.
  • Logging onto someone else's WiFi.
  • Eating grapes or other little foods at the grocery store.
  • Sneaking food into the movie theater.
  • Using the bathroom at a store without buying something.
  • Driving with an expired license.
  • Lying to get a discount, saying it's your birthday or saying something is wrong with the food.

Be honest. What is your total? Out of these 10, I know for sure I'm guilty of at least 8. But I'm sure that if I really had to think about it, I could come up with all 10. I hope the judge shows some leniency.