When we made the decision to bring Insane Inflatable 5k to town, we knew you'd be seeing some of the wildest, craziest inflatables ever.  And while the obstacles are certainly that, we didn't realize there were quite a few other strange inflatables in the world. Just take a look at some of these.

1. Inflatable Toast Mattress 

Air mattresses certainly come in handy.  However, we can't say we find this "novelty" to be a necessity.  Talk about breakfast in bed, wait... breakfast in is bed.  Who likes toast THAT much that would make them want to sleep on it? Well, maybe that guy with the inflatable obsession.

2. Inflatable Pub and Church

In some really small towns, they say they're known for having a bar and church on every corner. You can certainly make that true with the Inflatable Bar and Inflatable church. Having a drink at the bar could be fun, but getting married in the inflatable church? You must really have to love your inflatables.

3. Inflatable Water Park

We have a feeling this is the aqueous cousin of Insane Inflatable 5k.  Count us in on THIS as well, if it's ever brought to town.  It'd add an extra flair to Palo or Coralville.

4. The Inflatable Trampoline Bridge

Bridges are a necessity, especially in a city like Paris.  But could you imagine an inflatable bridge, that made up of three large inflatable trampolines?  While it sounds fun, we can't imagine it'd pass a safety inspection.  The architects continue to try though. We're thinking it be a good obstacle for Insane Inflatable 5k

5. Inflatable Stonehenge

It's one of the biggest wonders of the world, but to recreate it as an inflatable?  Call it Sacrilege.  (No really, that's what it's called.) We're guessing the designers are just as excited about large inflatable fun as we are.

6. Inflatable Twister

Nothings worse that falling in twister and getting hurt.  Problem solved when you're playing on a giant air mattress.  This would be something fun we should put in the midway "party zone" at the Insane Inflatable? What do you think?

7.  Inflatable TV Screen

Now we can totally get behind the practicality of this.  Backyard barbeque, want to put on the big game or a movie, but don't want everyone in your house, just blow up the portable TV.  Not a bad idea actually.

8. Largest Inflatable Water Slide

Now this looks like fun too.  And all you got to do is attach it to the side of your yacht. Too bad I decided to sell that last summer. Bummer.

9. Inflatable Photo Booth

Now THIS is practical. Photobooths have become all the rage at dances, parties, and weddings.  Why not go with this easy option.  Set-up should be a breeze.

10. Inflatable Computer Mouse 

Have you ever worked on your laptop's touch pad and thought, "this would be so much easier with a mouse." In fact, it's what I'm thinking right now.  Too bad the mouse takes up much needed space in the computer bag.  Until now that is.  Check out this invention.  You think it actually works?  Now if we could just find a Unicorn cat to go with this inflatable mouse.  Nevermind.  Found one.