Monday night means another episode of The Bachelor, and with it, plenty of drama!


Ok, so no big surprise, the episode starts with Chris letting that girl he tried to get rid of last week stay. I saw that one coming from a mile away. Now, I've never seen "The Bachelor" before this season, but I didn't realize there are "no rules," so I'm concerned for Chris' safety while he sleeps right next door.

Some of these girls are TOTALLY NUTS. For instance, the girl Megan who put on his motorcycle helmet and then continued to ram her head into everything... WHO DOES THAT?! It's lucky he didn't see that because he probably wouldn't have given her the one-on-one. And DON'T get me started on Ashley S. (aka "Onion Girl"). The zombie paintball date looked really fun, but Ashley took things WAYYYY too far. Like shooting the zombies repeatedly when they were already "dead." I don't know if she didn't realize these were REAL LIVE people in costume, or she just didn't care. And then she just started babbling about NOTHING. I could not understand a single thought that came out of her mouth, and neither could any of the girls on the show. Is she on something? Was she really drunk? Or is she just legitimately insane? I guess we will find out because HE KEPT HER. Yup, we will be seeing her crazy eyes again next week, which interests and terrifies me at the same time.

Ashley I. also creeped me out a little with her whole '3 wishes, rub my bellybutton/magic lamp' thing. And then she continued to eat his face, which I think was supposed to be a kiss, but I couldn't really tell.

But, the episode ended well. Drunk girl finally went home and so did whiny Tara. FINALLY.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this week's episode below!