You've seen a dozen Ice Bucket Challenge videos by now. And they've all been the basic... self dump bucket over head, some else dumps on you from higher up, maybe from way above, etc. But this one, as posted by Eminem, takes the FROZEN cake. It's mega-producer Rick Rubin's challenge, and honestly, we're not even sure how he lived through it.

This has been a fantastic viral campaign that has raised a huge amount of money for ALS. Just about everyone has done it by now, and you can see all the celebs, fails, and even my challenge here. But the bigger question is what now?  My challenges still stand:

  1. If you haven’t been challenged, consider that changed.  I may have challenged one listener, but I’m changing that out to challenge ever single listener/reader who has yet to be challenged.  Do it, send me your video with acceptance and who you’re challenging, and I’ll send you something.  But don’t do it for the prize, do it for the cause.
  2. I also challenge you to come up with the next challenge for a great cause.  Share with me what it is, and why you’re doing it, and I’ll definitely consider accepting it, and getting it started.

Best of luck, enjoy, and I look forward to hearing from you.  Send any submissions to

(Here's another pretty crazy challenge!)