No denying the Hawkeyes make their fare share of "top college" lists.  But in the most recent list, the "Nation's Top 40 Music Colleges", the Cyclones are the only Iowans to make it. But there's more.  They're also the "happiest". Well, at least according to the survey, they listen to the happiest music.  Whether that means they have Pharrell on repeat or what, we're not totally sure.

The list was put together by Spotify, and takes a look at all styles of music, from pop, to rock, to jazz.  It could also help you determine where to head to college.  If you love punk and "agressive" music, you might want to look at Purdue.  If you prefer music while you study and relax, University of Colorado Boulder or Ohio State might be worth considering.  And if you consider yourself a "hipster", no surprise you may want to check out NYU.  And if you're high energy, Penn State might be more up your alley.  And of course, if you like to be happy, Iowa State might be calling your name.

Of course to us, although they didn't makethis list, if you like to party and love your Hawkeyes, you know where you should be going.

The Cyclones also apparently really like these guys too (which we agree)!