"The Kylie Jenner Challenge"  is a new internet trend that is not only horrifying, but it could also damage your lips permanently.

The youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan is know for her luscious "natural" lips, and girls on the internet are so envious of them that they're willing to try a dangerous method to achieve them. The "Kylie Jenner Challenge" is where you put some sort of bottle or shot glass over your lips to airlock your skin for up to 5 minutes. When the glass is removed, your lips are left enormous and swollen.

Doctors of all kinds are advising against doing this, as it can cause infection and create a permanent loss of sensation. It also looks INSANE. Most girls are left with bruising and discoloration around their mouth, and their lips look like they were stung by a jellyfish.

I honestly can't believe people are even TRYING this. Kylie Jenner claims that she's never had any work done, but how do we actually know that? And there's NO way that this is the method she's using to create this look. People on the internet are amazing, and not in the good way.

See some of the terrifying photos HERE.