With only a few hours to go until the tournament tips off, you might be scrambling to get your brackets done for the
1st Ave Draught House Pub and Eatery Million Dollar Bracket Challenge. There's a million ways to pick your selections. Some people choose to simply follow what other people pick. For example, you might choose to match President Obama's picks, just released last night. After all, he's a big college basketball, and might know a thing or two you don't. However, after his reveal, many Iowans are a little bit flustered, especially to the North.
In a complete reversal of comments he made just weeks ago, the President has apparently turned his back on University of Northern Iowa, a team he strongly endorsed during his trip to Cedar Falls.

"The Panthers are putting together a heck of a season again.  And I think most folks learned a few years ago, when March rolls around, you do not bet against UNI."

~President Obama - January 14, 2015

A first round loss... to Wyoming? AND an Iowa first round loss to Davidson? Where's the love? And so the "Madness" begins. On the flip side, he did favor ISU, taking them all the way to the top 8.