The English language is tricky. Seriously. Just watch a replay of the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Good luck trying some of those words. However, as today marks the official end of the school year in Cedar Rapids, I've discovered the single hardest word in English, which is...Goodbye.

I know, not what you were thinking.

With the end of the school year comes change, and for some, that change means goodbye. whether your kid will be moving out to college, or your kid's best friend is moving away now that school is out. The later is the case for my kids.

For parents, it's heartbreaking watching their kids deal with the change. In our case, we've let them play extended hours, haven't enforced chores, really trying to maximize playtime, putting off the inevitable. But you know it's coming, and you just watch them go through the "stages of grief", between denial, anger, and sadness most of all. It's double hard too, as their other friend already moved away a couple weeks ago. Yup, 2 close friends, gone.

In this tech age, we know there's always skype and facebook, but life is busy. And knowing the distance between will not be small, although tough to admit, we most likely will never physically see each other again. So not looking forward to the dreaded moving day only weeks away.

Thankfully, kids are resilient and will bounce back, but still, Goodbye is the hardest word.