There are lots of scenic places to take pictures in Iowa, but out of all of them, there is one location that is Instagrammed more than any other.

Last week I went hiking at Palisades-Kepler State Park for the first time and I couldn't BELIEVE how beautiful it was there! It was the perfect place to take pictures. A friend of mine recently stopped at the Field of Dreams on his way back home and he also took some incredible pictures. Both of these places are awesome for snapping photos, but neither of them are the most Instagrammed spot in the state. The winner of that title is actually the Bridges of Madison County. I've never seen them, but from pictures I can see why they were named #1!

We want to know where your favorite place is in the state! If someone was coming to Iowa for the first time and you could only suggest ONE place for them to go, where would you tell them? Leave your answer in the comments!

You can see the most Instagrammed locations for the rest of the state HERE.

[Via Life Hacker]