Whether you're a kid or an adult, candy is one of the best parts of Halloween. A new survey of over 40,000 people found out the top Halloween candy for each state, and I'm just happy that Iowa didn't choose candy corn!

According to the survey, there are FIVE states that picked candy corn as the #1 candy. Five! I don't even know five PEOPLE who like candy corn! Gross. Those 5 states were Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming.

Although candy corn was the only candy to be the most popular in 5 states, Reese's actually had the highest total number of votes (not surprisingly). Reese's came in first for only 2 states: Rhode Island and Connecticut.

What was the number one candy for Iowa, you ask? Well, our most popular candy is a pretty good one... Twix! Not as good as Reese's, but I'll take it! My home state of Michigan chose M&Ms, but I still like Twix better.

To see the choices from all 50 states, click HERE.

[Via Mashable]