What is it about corn mazes that can make a reasonable person so claustrophobic?

Add a haunted barn, house, funeral parlor, or an abandoned Insane Asylum, and I'll have night tremors for a week!

Here are some of the area's best/scariest haunted houses and corn mazes in Iowa.

If you want me to join you, then you'll need to bring along the defibrillators and a pair of adult diapers. Because I'll likely crap my pants, if I don't have a heart attack!

The Heart of Darkness in Waterloo - heh, nothing too sick and twisted about this place...if you like a demonic, gory-filled fury of fright.


Scream Acres in Cedar Falls - great, just when I thought the creepy clowns has all gone to bed...


Thrashers House of Terrors in Mt. Pleasant - with customers this cute, I could be persuaded to visit...I jsut hope i can hide my fear


Eldora Haunted Hospital in Eldora - blood splattered walls, creepy clowns and...I can say no more...



[source: IowaHauntedHouses.com]