What kid doesn't dream of a snow day?  It's the ultimate wish as soon as they hear there's snow in the forecast.  My daughter asked me this morning if school was cancelled, only to be disappointed to find out all the snow was on the East Coast. But did you know it's not just the kids who look forward to them?

We've seen the videos where teachers do crazy things for the fun of it.  Remember this gemOr this one?  They're allowed to have fun, right?  So maybe we shouldn't be surprised to get new ones.  After all, you have to top the competition.  So with a great idea and some practice, the Principal at Moses Brown School in Rhode Island took a popular tune, recorded his parody, and waited.  You know he had to be beyond excited to release this message today.  It's gotta be one of the best we've seen yet.

Wonder if he's been offered a record deal yet?